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The 3 Breath Treasure Hunt

I am notorious for stacking my life full thinking that I can always find one more minute to add one more item so I will feel like I am going to finally have everything checked off of my list. Then, and only then, I daydream about finding no hesitancy with kicking back and doing what is nourishing to me. The fascinating piece is that my mind takes me right to the future of what is the next responsibility I have to do. So, in reality I never rest. Sound familiar? The incessant allure of "getting everything done" so that I am caught up, keeps me, in all honesty, in a fantasy of living for the next moment instead of being in this moment.

I am in awe of the families whom are working, living, and learning from home each and every day. The opportunity to find the moments where there might be an opportunity to relax and rest, right here and now, must feel like an inconceivable luxury. Without sounding insensitive, what would it be like though, if it was imagined that even the smallest of moments makes a difference and we can find them, just like in a treasure hunt when the focus is intent on being aware of all of the clues to find the treasure?

In mindfulness, the treasure hunt begins with curiosity that includes a willingness to determine how effective our way of being has been up to this point. If we determine that we want to find something more wholesome than living at this sped up pace, then we step into noticing where we can pause during our lives. A purposeful 3 breath pause is just enough to begin letting the mind know, that we can direct it with awareness when we choose. It is the remembering to do it that can maybe keep us from doing it, yet we all have lots of ways to schedule. How can we make stopping for 3 breaths be just as important as the other responsibilities. That is a tough one for our minds wired on just one more thing. The door however is open by even asking this question of yourself. And what if the whole family put post it notes around the house as reminders to breath 3 times and they are changed up each day? The mind loves novelty so making the 3 breath treasure hunt an expected and also unexpected experience will bring a spark to the brain. Consider and then schedule when this 3 breath treasure hunt can begin!

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