Individual/Family Services
  • Individual Mindfulness Session / Develop practices tailored to specific conditions and goals  such as ADHD, Anxiety, Concussion Recovery, Depression, Loss and Transition, Positive Habit Development, Parenting, Work/Life Balance

          (60 minutes)

  • Family Mindfulness Session / Build mindfulness skills to practice together 
    (60 minutes)

  • Mindfulness Breathing Session / Practice specific breathing techniques to energize and relax 
    (60 minutes)

  • Mind + Body Awareness Session / Explore mindfulness practices and  gentle yoga for all ability levels for deep relaxation
    (90 minutes)

  • Mindfulness Meditation Home Practice Development / Learn key elements to support personal practice
    (60 minutes)

  • Mindfulness in Nature / Experience deepening connection with Nature by awakening to the outer landscape
    (60 minutes / 120 minutes)

  • Purposeful Pauses Workshop / Cultivate tools to pause and recalibrate with presence during
    the day
    (90 minutes)

  • Yoga + Mindfulness + Art Journaling / Deepen into inner wisdom through creativity and movement 
    (120 minutes)

  • Mindfulness Retreats / Strengthen clarity, presence and relaxation for the immediate moment and beyond
    (3-6 hours)

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class + Half Day Retreat / Learn multiple mindfulness mediation practices to benefit mind and body
    (8 Weeks)

  • Mindful Eating Class / Use mindfulness techniques to tap into the body's nourishing wisdom
    (4 Weeks)

  • Tailor-made Mindfulness Workshops / Customize mindfulness programs that may also incorporate  gratitude and compassion as resources for enhanced well-being.

Businesses and Institutions
  • Interactive Mindfulness Speaking Engagements /Inspire and facilitate  positive growth mindset based in mindfulness research and practices

    • 'Purposeful Pauses in the Workplace for Enhanced Well-Being'

    • 'Mindfulness  for Focus, Clarity, and Presence in the Workplace'

    • 'Mindfulness and Mindset'

    • 'Managing Mindfully: How the Oxygen Mask Theory Applies '

  • Professional Development  / Deliver customizable presentations to support positive organizational outcomes

  • Consultation + Collaboration / Design opportunities for wellness such as mindfulness and yoga within  the workday

  • All multi-hour engagements may include chair yoga