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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and not sure how to navigate the challenges of day to day living? Are you wanting to become more settled, less reactive and more focused while quieting your mind and developing positive coping skills? Mindfulness practices have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase resilience. Through mindfulness practices, you will learn strategies to support and strengthen your relationship with the self and the world around you. As a parent and 31-year public school educator, including higher education, I am keenly aware of life's intricacies and value of compassionate support.

As a Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher and mindfulness consultant, coach and educator, I bring a deep and broad skillset to support personal and group goal development. 20 years of studying and training with internationally acclaimed teachers has deepened and expanded my ability to offer a new and meaningful mindset to life.

My mindfulness journey began when I recognized that I was missing out on life due to my anxiety, worry, and poor coping skills while keeping up a "successful appearance".Over time my practice provided the much-needed steadiness amidst the rollercoaster ride of health and difficult family issues. I am passionate to offer practices to enhance your wellness.

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