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Mindful Navigation is dedicated to providing individuals and groups with skilled and compassionate mindfulness training that enhances focus, clarity and presence on the path to well-being.

Meet Martha

Meet Martha Rouleau

Martha’s passion is to support others as they  cultivate a deeper and compassionate  relationship with mind and body on the path to living a wholehearted life.  Above all else, Martha believes in everyone’s innate capacity to tap into their inner compass as they navigate life with presence, focus, clarity.​


  • Higher Education Adjunct Lecturer

  • Corporate Well-Being Trainer

  • Certified Health and Well-Being Coach

  • Certified Mindful Grieving Facilitator

  • Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher

  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher

Work/Life Balance

Choosing to connect meaningfully to the present moment requires juggling many internal and external pulls. Mindfulness practices provide the opportunity to pause, allow clarity to arise, focus on what matters, and respond with meaning to choices and values.

Anxiety & Depression

Mindfulness practices offer an opportunity to recognize, pause with kindness, and choose a different response to thoughts and behaviors that hold one back in familiar loops of worry, regret, or alarm. Step-by-step guidance and support is necessary to understand these patterns in order to live with deeper understanding and ease.

Positive Habit Development

Developing habits to support well-being can be accomplished through small mindful shifts.  Through clearly defining the intention and establishing a simple system to support the desired outcome, sustainable change is  achievable!

Loss & Transition

Being human requires each of us to come to terms with the truth that life is uncertain and therefore loss and grief is unavoidable.  Yet, with leaning in towards the feelings of  grief, we have the opportunity to honor our deeply personal processes without expectations to arrive at a preconceived finish line.  The tool of mindfulness cultivates the ability to dip in lightly to the places in our hearts and mind where grief may be residing.  With care and respect for our unique process, we can learn to be right where we are, without judgment, tapping into courage and meaningful support that guides us along our path of  healing.


With additional demands on all parents maneuvering the 21st Century, mindfulness skills can offer the opportunity to focus on being present while honoring the desire to be the best parent in the midst of any challenge. 

ADHD & Concussion Recovery

Brains are wired for survival as well as healing. Valuing the way brains are wired or giving it time and space to heal is instrumental in being able to live life with compassionate understanding. Through mind/body awareness tools and breathing practices, healing and focus are supported and enhanced.

Why Mindfulness

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a quality that every human possesses.  Through mindful awareness, we have the opportunity to cultivate a responsive relationship to ourselves, emotions, events,  and others,  instead of coming from a reacting mode.  We develop a sense of agency for our well-being so we can live from a place of purpose even amidst whatever difficulties show up in our life.. 


"I feel so very grateful for your calm, guiding presence and leadership over these past months. Your patience and guidance have been an instrumental part of my journey."
"Thank you for your guidance and thoughtfulness – this is truly life-changing.”

— Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Participant

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